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About vLQMS

vLQMS offers complete POS solutions to liquor retail outlets

vLQMS has rich features of Managing resources, Ledger, generates the Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice. Sales Invoice can be printed within a seconds after the sale completion. User friendly reports providing the information on Sales return and Purchase return, Inventory and Sales tracking reports, Consolidated reports can be generated by the system on Daily / Monthly/ Yearly basis. vLQMS Integrates with bar code Scanner.

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About eWebLQMS

The eWebLQMS a Web App from Softvent. eWebLQMS helps Management to track their Business performance at the convenience on their Mobile Phones, laptops or Tablets, ANYTIME ANYWHERE!!.

 In this Competitive Business World there are countless complicated chores everyday. While you focus on completing complex tasks, important things that really matter may be missed.

 This is where our eWebLQMS Web App steps in!! It handles the little, but essential elements.Softvent for the past decades has been working closely with MRP Retailers, understanding their needs and requirements. This has led to creating eWebLQMS Web App that is suitable to single and multiple outlets



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vLQMS Features

Salient Features:

Solution delivers instant and long term benefits.

Able to review information any time

Barcode Integration

Expedites payments and improves the CRM

Streamlines the record keeping

Sales and Purchase reports

Simple and easy solution at finger tips


eWebLQMS Features

Save Time

Save Time

Daily Summary / Purchase / Sales / Stock reports take anytime with a click of a button

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Data Sync with vLQMS will give latest data



System driven Stock pick for Purchase plans

Real Time Monitoring

No Training Required

Easy user interface for novice users


Online Support

Have a question? Ask through the Web App